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Software Development 

An Expert Level Custom
Software Development

We build efficient teams, respond promptly to your needs, and guide you on the road to success. We have you covered in all areas of your marketing and technology needs. We help our client with challenges in:

Are you looking to outsource your Programming, Marketing, or IT services?



We work with some of the best Subject Matter Experts who will lead an immensely effective team at a fraction of the cost. Your projects are in enormously capable hands.



We deliver quickly and effectively. Our teams are built to overcome challenges, meet deadlines and surpass quality expectations. We'll handle it seamlessly as part of your in-house team.



Not only can we provide great talent, but we deliver resources  in the most cost-effective way possible. Plus, you only pay us when you need us.

Simple as that!


We encompass the holy trinity of scale:

Affordability, Effectiveness and Accelerated Delivery.

Building Team

We Build Your Team

We create a goldmine of high-potential, productive resources you can bank on for assured excellence. Have a specialty software, No problem. We'll familiarize our developers with any specialized needs you may have.

We Coordinate Activities

All you need to do is brief our SME and we’ll project manage the rest. No miscommunication, no back and forth, and no confusion. Our systems ensure simple, elegant processes with compelling results. We act as closely as your in-house team.

Coordinate Activities
Scale & Assist

You Scale, We Assist

You want to grow your team? Just say the word and we procure some of the best minds and resources to help you grow. You leave the scouting to us. You reap the benefit of a growing workforce without the immediate financial responsibility.

How it works?

Here is how you get your own handcrafted team of technocrats and developers.

Tell us your Requirement

No matter your software needs, no matter the niche, our intricate network allows us to create a specialized team to work on your needs.

We get to


Our SME (Subject matter experts) will define the scope of work, resources needed and build a team specific to your requirements.

We mold and


We train the team to productively work together and provide results in a highly effective manner. You get the cream of the crop without the hassle.

The team commences


No matter your software needs, no matter the niche, our intricate network allows us to create a specialized team to work on your needs.

We work towards a 

common goal

Our partnership lets you sleep well at night knowing the work is getting done, results are being achieved and we have your best interests in mind.


R PLUS understands the cost constraints and unique requirements of its clients. We customize our delivery models to suit you best.

Offshore Delivery Model

1. Offshore delivery model

This model allows you to build your team at our location. Through transparency and constant communication, we work on well-defined objectives and deliver results under defined timelines.

Onsite Delivery Model

2. Onsite delivery model

This model is best suited for those projects that need resources functioning out of the client's location. Rest assured, you will love working with your new team who will diligently provide solutions.

Hybrid Model

3. Hybrid model

This model is an effective mix of both Onsite and Offshore models. The team would be divided up into those who work from client location in close proximity to the action and the rest working from R PLUS locations. In a nutshell, the best of both worlds.



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